Q1: Why should I pay for a Live Law file, when there is so much free information on the internet? A: There’s plenty of free information on the internet. Help yourself! It’s useful to a certain extent. But you will find that most of it has been put there by people with an agenda.  Professional advisers, for example, want to tell you about legal problems, and persuade you that you need their expertise. Official bodies, including the government and many others, want to sell you their version of what the law means, for their own advantage, not yours.

Live Law is different. Our only agenda is to bring the law to life and show you what it means in practice, so that you have a good basic understanding of it. We think you’ll find that Live Law files are well worth the very modest cost.

Q2: Do you give advice? A: No; we are publishers, and we publish information about the law.

Q3: Why haven’t you replied to my email or phone message?  A: Probably (a) because you already have the information you have asked us for, or (b) because we can’t help (sorry).

Q4: Should I see a solicitor? A: Professional advice and assistance is always wise before making a significant commitment or taking a significant risk. Solicitors are in many ways the obvious choice; but there are also professionals offering advice and assistance on rights of way, planning law and other subjects with a legal dimension.

Q5: Will I need to buy more than one Live Law file? A: We do our best to make our files self-contained. But any given problem may involve more than one legal issue, so you may need more than one Live Law file. But if you buy more than one file on the same occasion, the  first will cost 50p, and up to two others will cost only 30p each.

Q7: Why doesn’t the law work in the way I think it should work? A: It’s natural for people to have their own ideas about how the law should work. But you need to remember that there may be many possible solutions to a given problem, and the one you will find written into the law isn’t necessarily the one you would expect. Furthermore, the law has been developed, piecemeal, over long periods of time, and there is inevitably a lot of baggage and muddle. It will help you greatly to put aside any ideas you may have about what the law should be, and concentrate on understanding what it actually is.

Q8: Why do I have confirm that I have a permanent address in the UK? A: First, because Live Law videos and files deal with the law of England and Wales, so won’t help people who live in different countries, with different laws. And secondly, if we were offering Live Law videos and files to people in EU countries, we would have to comply with burdensome and irrelevant EU requirements on VAT. This would make our digital products much more expensive.

Q9: Why don’t you publish comments by people who have bought Live Law files?  A:  Letting people comment publicly is a great idea.  Sadly, however, it’s now common for people to abuse that opportunity, by posting unjustified good and bad comments. What we will do, in due course, is to report on comments about how we can do better, explaining how we have responded to them.