A new approach

Welcome to Live Law, and a new approach to the law.  We’re setting out to explain the law of England and Wales in a new and better way, and to show what it means to people in real life.

To understand a physical object, people examine it in different ways. They therefore look at it from different angles. They touch it, and perhaps they smell it or listen to it. You can see people doing this in shops. What you won’t see is people doing it in exactly the same way. That’s because what a particular person wants to know, and the order in which they want to know it, will depend upon factors which differ widely from person to person, including:

  • What they already know about objects of that sort
  • What they think is important about the object
  • What they plan to do with the object if they decide to buy it.

Something abstract, like the law, needs to be approached in the same kind of way.

Explaining the law

To build up an understanding of it, people need to look at it from different angles.  Explanations in a book, or a talk by an expert, follow the pattern set by the writer or speaker.  But for different people there will be different patterns. People therefore need to be able to follow their own patterns.  That’s where we come in.

For each legal topic we deal with, we’ve created a short video which serves as an introduction and an illustration.  Our videos are FREE to view.

Then, if you’d like to know more about a particular topic, you can visit our shop and buy the related Live Law file, which explains in more detail how the law works and answers the practical questions which arise in real life.  The cost of a file is 50p (yes, fifty pence), with discounts if you buy more than one file at the same time.

Live Law files allow you to build up an understanding of legal topics in whatever way is right for you. They look rather like clock faces.  You can start wherever you wish, and at any point you can go back to the “clock” and look at a different aspect of the subject.  You will probably want to jump around quite a lot, revisiting parts of the file as you develop your understanding.  Watching the video again will help too:  we’ve cross-referenced our videos to our files.

Understanding the law

Live Law isn’t going to make people into instant legal experts, given that legal issues are often complicated, and lawyers spend years studying them.  Our aim, then, is to give you an overview — a good, basic understanding of what the law is trying to do, and what it means to you in real life.