A new approach

Welcome to Live Law, and a new approach to the law!  We’re setting out to explain the law of England and Wales in a new and better way, and to show what it means to people in real life.  It’s a three-stage process.

Stage 1:  videos

Watch one of our free videos. They are designed to be an introduction to a particular legal topic, and to provide an illustration of how the law works. In other words, to make the subject real, without trying to deal with every possible case

Stage 2:  Live Law files

Visit our shop and buy the related Live Law file, which explains in more detail how the law works and answers the practical questions which arise in real life.  The cost of a file is £1 (yes, one pound) with discounts if you buy more than one file at the same time.  Live Law files allow you to build up an understanding of legal topics in whatever way is right for you. They look rather like clock faces.  You can start wherever you wish, and at any point you can go back to the “clock” and look at a different aspect of the subject.   Watching the video again will help too:  we’ve cross-referenced our videos to our files.

Stage 3:  advice on your problem

A basic explanation of the law, as set out in one of our brilliant new Live Law files, maybe enough to answer your questions. But if you need advice on your own particular circumstances, we will certainly help if we can.  Just click on our advice page to get started.